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Don’t miss the series that shook all of Quebec in 2018. New episode every Monday at 9pm on TVA. The complete series is available on Illico on Demand and on Club Illico. Season 2 will air in January 2020.

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Les pays d'en haut

The Season 5 is over. Watch all episodes again on iTunes, Tou.tv, Illico on Demand or on DVD.

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Lâcher prise

The 4th season airs every Monday at 7:30pm on ICI TÉLÉ! Watch all episodes again on Tou.tv, iTunes and Illico on Demand. Season 1, 2 and 3 DVDs are on sale now! Watch season 1 on OUT TV in English Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa and on Amazon Prime in France.

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La vie compliquée de Léa Olivier

Available exclusively to Club Illico members in February 2020


Season 1 et 2 are now available exclusively to Club Illico members !

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Watch your favourite episodes on Illico on Demand or by signing up to Club Illico. Season 1 is also available on DVD, on sale now! In France, the series is available on TV5 Monde+.

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Les bogues de la vie

Available now on ICI TOU.TV Extra!

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Les Beaux malaises

Get all three hilarious seasons in the DVD set, including the grand finale, or watch your favourite episodes on iTunes or on Illico on Demand. All three seasons are also available on Netflix World (outside of Canada).

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Watch this thrilling and colourful series again and again on Illico on Demand and on Club Illico.

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Pour Sarah

This deeply moving series is available on iTunes or as a DVD set, sold everywhere across Quebec. It also airs on TV5 Monde, and the French adaptation by TF1 is currently in production.

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Arnaud Soly

Arnaud is curently on tour with his first solo show across Québec. Tickets are on sale now !

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Marc Messier

His first One Man Show: Seul… en scène !
Tickets on sale now

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Cathy Gauthier

Currently on tour. Tickets on sale now.



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Fabien Cloutier

New show coming soon!

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Mario Jean

His new show “Aller de l’avant” is currently touring in Quebec and on sale now.

Reda Saoui

In preparation for his first one-man show

Martin Matte

Tour complete. Watch the live recording of Eh La La..! on Netflix!

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Anne-Élisabeth Bossé

Touring her first one-woman-show ‘Jalouse’. Tickets on sale now.

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Tour ended !

On t'aime Mickaël Gouin!

Tour ended !

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La vie compliquée de Léa Olivier

coming soon

The TV adaptation of the book written by Catherine Girard-Audet, this youth series features the charming Lea, a young girl forced to leave her hometown and move to a big city with her family. Away from all her friends, her boyfriend and everything familiar, Lea has to adapt to her new city life and fit into her new school. You’ll discover her new words and all her hurdles that come her way : the group of popular girls who like to make her life miserable, the difficulties of long-distance love, the difficulties of disadvantages of having a big brother who’s too good-looking and too cool! Her adventures are told through email, chat and SMS exchanges in impeccable style through. Lea Olivier is the pen pal series of the 21st century!



Writters :   Rachel Cardillo, en collaboration avec Sébastien Bertrand

Director : Martin Cadotte

Producers : François Rozon,  Vincent Gagné, Marie Pierre Gariépy, Patrick Lowe et Jaime Alberto Tobon

Production manager : Renée Gosselin

Production companies : Encore Télévision Inc. et  Slalom.

Broadcaster : Club Illico / TFO

Number of episodes : 12 x 30 minutes

Release date : February 2020



Laurence Deschênes / Lea Olivier

Laurie Babin / Sarah

Thomas Delorme / Thomas

Léanne Désilet / Marilou

Sam-Éloi Girard / Éloi

Émie Thériault / Maude

Karl-Antoine Suprice / Alex

Geneviève Schmidt / Caroline

Zachary Evrard / Felix



Market share : 41%

Average audience rating :  1 605 600


3 Gémeaux Awards & 9 nominations (2018)

Zapettes d’or (2018)

ARTIS Award & 1 nomination (2018)

2 nominations Seoul Drama Award – Best Actress (L.Reding) & Best Mini-series

Runaway is a gripping drama series inspired by modern events that tells the tragic yet hopeful story of Fanny, a young girl from a good suburban home whose life spirals out of control when she falls for a manipulative and abusive man. Sadly too familiar, Runaway recounts every parent’s worst nightmare, where one bad decision leads to a horrifying ordeal.

Over the course of ten one-hour episodes, Runaway brings this harrowing tale to life through the various characters’ perspectives, all closely intertwined. We follow Fanny’s journey as she grows increasingly bored of her comfortable suburban existence, craving maturity, independence and adventure. One fateful day, she’s introduced to Damien, an aspiring musician who lures her into what promises to be a highly toxic lifestyle.



Writer : Michelle Allen

Director : Éric Tessier

Executive producers : François Rozon & Vincent Gagné

Producer: Louis Bolduc

Line producer : Bruno Barrière

Production company : Encore Télévision

Broadcaster : TVA

Number of episodes : 10 x 60 min

Airing season 1 : Jan. – March 2018



Ludivine Reding / Fanny Couture

Claude Legault / Laurent Couture

Jean-François Ruel / Damien Stone

Lynda Johnson / Mylène

Danielle Proulx / Manon

David Poirier / Mathias Couture

Mayssa Resendes / Anabel Couture

Laurence Latreille / Ariane Béliveau-Leduc

Geneviève Rochette / Sylvie Béliveau

Camille Felton / Jessica Rivet-de-Souza

Madani Tall / Fred

Kimberly Laferrière / Natacha

Iannicko N’Doua / Carlo

Ève Lemieux / Joannie

Les Pays d’en Haut


Market share : 34%

Average audience rating : 1 272 600


11 Gémeaux Awards & 34 nominations (2016-19)

2 ARTIS Awards and 9 nominations (2017-19)

Nomination Prix Numix – Entertainment and Medias (Web section) (2017)

Les pays d’en haut is the untold story of the Quebec Laurentians (Canada). Prepare for a gripping, hyper-realistic drama of the struggles of a hopeful people, as they cultivate the wild land they must colonize. The heart-wrenching love-triangle between innocent, strong Donalda, her beloved, Alexis, Ste-Adèle’s village hero, and greedy Séraphin, the mayor’s usurary son, show the resilience of the brave against a backdrop of scheming politics. The earthy priest, Curé Labelle, keeps moral order and inspires hope for the poor. He has big plans for a national railroad, to develop the North, bring back the youth draining to the U.S. for work, and political aspirations to link together the French colonies as a stronghold against English Canada.


Original idea : Claude-Henri Grignon

Writer : Gilles Desjardins

Directors : Sylvain Archambault, Yan Lanouette Turgeon

Producers : François Rozon and Sophie Deschênes

Production manager : Diane Arcand

Production companies : Encore Télévision & Les productions Sovimage

Broadcaster: Radio-Canada

Number of episodes : 40 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1: Jan. – March 2016

Airing season 2: Jan. – March 2017

Airing season 3: Jan. – March 2018

Airing season 4: Jan. – March 2019



Vincent Leclerc / Séraphin

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse / Donalda

Maxime Le Flaguais / Alexis

Alexis Lefebvre / Dr. Jérome Marignon

Antoine Bertrand / Curé Labelle

Julien Poulin / Père Laloge

Julie Le Breton / Délima

André Kasper / Siffleux

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé / Caroline

Michel Charrette / Ovide Ruisselet

Paul Doucet / Arthur Buies

Roger Léger / Dr. Cyprien

Claude Despins / Jos Malterre

Mario Jean / Pit Caribou

Lâcher prise


Market share : 28%

Average audience rating : 960 000


13 Gémeaux Awards & 17 nominations (2017-19)

1 Olivier Award and 2 nominations (2017-19)

2 ARTIS Awards & 2 nomination (2017-19)

Rockie (Banff World Media Festival) – Best Comedy Series: Non-English Language & 1 Nomination – Best Comedy Series : Foreign Language (2017-18)

2 nominations Festival de la télévision de Monte Carlo – Best actress:comedy (S.Cadieux) & Best comedy (2018)

2 nominations ADISQ-Series of the year/comedy (2018-19)

Nomination Festival international de programmes audiovisuels (France) – « Série » in the official competition (2017)

Séries Mania (Melbourne) – Official selection (2017)

Séries Mania (France) – Official selection (2017)

Burnout was not part of the plan.

Disciplined, organized, professionally accomplished, freshly divorced and mother to a little boy she adores, Valerie Danault had only one true master: her schedule. And she was fine with that. Until the morning Valerie found lice in her son’s hair.

This small setback set off a chain reaction that escalated to a dramatic police incident and Valerie was arrested. By the time she finally got to work, she had missed an important meeting, her boss was fit to be tied and she was fired. That’s when all hell broke loose. With no job, no money and no friends, Valerie is forced to look life squarely in the eye and make some major changes. And if that wasn’t hard enough, she has to do it all with her mother, Madeleine, breathing down her neck.

It is easy to say “where there’s a will there’s a way” until you face a challenge so impossible that having the will to change just isn’t enough.  Welcome to professional burnout.


Original idea : Isabelle Langlois

Writer : Isabelle Langlois

Directors : Stéphane Lapointe, Sébastien Gagné

Producers : François Rozon and Vincent Gagné

Line producer : Jean-Yves Dolbec

Script editor: Emanuelle Beaugrand Champagne

Production company : Encore télévision

Broadcaster : Radio-Canada

Number of episodes : 39 x 30 minutes

Airing season 1 : Jan. – March 2017

Airing season 2 : Jan. – April 2018

Airing season 3 : Jan. – April 2019



Sophie Cadieux / Valérie Danault

Sylvie Léonard / Madeleine Legault

Simon Lacroix / Éric Samson

Éric Paulhus / Kevin Bergeron

Antoine Archambault / Thomas

Jean-MoÏse Martin / Simon

Christine Beaulieu / Josiane




2 Gémeaux Awards (2019) & 4 nominations (2019)

1 nominations ADISQ-Series of the year/comedy (2019)

1 nomination Canadian Cinema Editors Award – Best Editing in TV Comedy

1 nomination Zapettes d’or (2019)

Welcome to the tragically hilarious world of Leo, an eternal teenager who is about to take the meaning of midlife crisis to a whole new level as he sets out on a mission to grow up and get a life!

Filled with twists and turns, entertaining characters, lots of laughs and plenty of life lessons along the way, this offbeat, hilarious and heartwarming series shows that sometimes it takes a midlife crisis to make you realize what life’s all about!



Original idea : Fabien Cloutier

Writers : Fabien Cloutier, Claude Lalonde, Steve Laplante, Erika Soucy

Director : Jean François Chagnon

Producers : François Rozon,  Vincent Gagné, Patrick Lowe and Jaime Alberto Tobon

Production manager : Isabelle Thiffault

Production company : Encore Télévision Inc.

Broadcaster : Club Illico / TVA

Number of episodes : 23 x 30 minutes

Release date : November 15th  2018

2nd season release date : November 28th 2019



Fabien Cloutier / Léo

Marie Laurence Moreau / Cindy

Steve Laplante / Chabot

Julien Poulin / Yvon

Anne Dorval / Jessica

Marc Labrèche / Couture

Mario Jean / Landry



Market share : 34%

Average audience rating :  1 200 000


6 Gémeaux Awards & 26 nominations (2016-19)

ARTIS Awards & 10 nominations (2016-19)

1 nomination ADISQ  – Series of the year – comedy (2018)

1 Rockie (Banff World Media Festival)-Francophone Prize and 1 nomination-Best Comedy Series: Foreign Language (2017-19)

3 nominations Les Olivier (2017-19)

Festival de la Fiction TV (France) – Coup de projecteur Québec (2016)

The Boomerang Effect: Adults Moving Back in with their Parents.

Karine and Patrick, a loving, debt-ridden couple, has lost their dream of having their own restaurant, forcing them to swallow their pride and accept to sleep in Karine’s parents’ basement until they are on their feet again.“ But we’ll be out of here soon!” they optimistically declare …Yeah, sure they will……

Our heroes just can’t admit that their shortcomings may have contributed to the failure of their restaurant – because that would be a tragedy – if it weren’t a  situational comedy!

What if your charming daughter is in love with an affectionate yet slovenly guy, who has some issues with you, your very organized wife, and your other son-in-law -who is admittedly an asshole – but at least he’s rich and not living with you! Now you’re back to parenting instead of enjoying retirement.

Boomerang is a romantic comedy based on an increasingly prevalent phenomenon everywhere in the world, as adults move back in with their parents, either to help them in their golden years, to offset financial stress or because of one of life’s setbacks.



Original idea : Catherine-Anne Toupin

Writers : Isabelle Langlois, Karina Goma, Pascale Bilodeau, Frédéric Blanchette and Yann Tanguay

Director : Charles-Olivier Michaud

Producer : Louis Bolduc

Executive producers : François Rozon and Vincent Gagné

Production manager : Pierre-Yves Dolbec

Content producer : Estelle Bouchard

Production company : Encore Télévision

Broadcaster : TVA

Number of episodes : 47 x 30 minutes + 1 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1: Sept. – Nov. 2015

Airing season 2: Sept. – Nov. 2016

Airing season 3: Sept. – Nov. 2017

Airing season 4: Sept. – Dec. 2018

Airing season 5: Sept. – Dec. 2019



Catherine- Anne Toupin / Karine Bernier

Antoine Bertrand / Patrick Lussier

Marie-Thérèse Fortin / Monique Leclerc

Marc Messier / Pierre Bernier

Fabien Cloutier / Sylvain

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau / Stéphanie Bernier

Émile Proulx-Cloutier / Richard

Annabelle Guérin / Jeanne

Les bogues de la vie



3 nominations Gémeaux Awards (2019)

Les bogues de la vie is a 10 x 30-minute romantic comedy series. The story follows the hectic life and adventures of Eliott Brault, a 30-something video game programmer who has his very first game hacked just days before its official launch.

From that moment on, Eliott and his best friend Martin Chagnon embark on a race against time to figure out who’s behind the hacking, while doing everything they can to stop their business from going bankrupt!

Amidst all the action, Life Bugs is also a love story. Eliott falls hard for Jeanne Champagne, a young lawyer in the midst of recovering from a painful breakup. And Jeanne, in turn, falls for Eliott, a young computer geek who comes from a completely different world. Impressed by Eliott’s talent and ambition in business, Jeanne begins to question her own professional choices. But she’s someone who finds it hard to let go and venture into the unknown.

Life Bugs is the unique and unmissable story of a 30-something’s quest for happiness, giving audiences a whole new perspective on love in the 21stcentury.



Writers : Stéphanie Perreault and Michel Brouillette

Director : Louis Bolduc

Producers : Louis Bolduc and Jaime Alberto Tobon

Executive producers  : Vincent Gagné et François Rozon

Production manager : Isabelle Thiffault

Production company : Encore télévision

Broadcaster : Tou.tv Extra / Radio-Canada

Number of episodes : 10 X 30 minutes

Release date : March 27th 2019



Charles-Alexandre Dubé / Eliott

Jean-Carl Boucher / Martin

Charlotte Aubin / Jeanne

François Bernier / Franky

Oliver Koomsatira / René

Michèle Deslauriers / Annette

Marie-Soleil Dion / Maude




Nomination Gémeaux Awards – Best original music (2017)

Since the Dark Ages of the stake, extraordinary beings have struggled to blend in, avoiding their powers to prevent detection..

Clara, her daughter, Lily, and granddaughter, Felicia, are forced to flee Montreal in fear, retreating to a small town in scenic Quebec, called Beltane.

Their return causes a stir. They slipped away quietly 13 years ago after mysterious events shocked the inhabitants. Now trying to escape violent revenge from Lily’s lover, they trigger mistrust from neighbors and the suspicion of a police investigator….but only matriarch, Clara can perceive their greatest threat: merciless persecution by a relentless stalker, out to kill them all.

This psychological thriller enthralls the viewer with the Jacob Family’s drama, of discovering and avoiding their gifts as they flee monumental danger.



Original idea : Patrick Lowe, Estelle Bouchard and Charles Olivier Michaud

Writer : Patrick Lowe

Director : Charles-Olivier Michaud

Executive producers : Francois Rozon and Vincent Gagné

Producer : Louis Bolduc

Content producer : Estelle Bouchard

Production manager : Isabelle Thiffault

Production company : Encore Télévision

Broadcaster : Addik TV & TVA

Number of episodes : 10 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1 : August – Oct. 2016



Pascale Bussières / Clara Jacob

Sophie Desmarais / Liliane Jacob

Jade Charbonneau / Félicia Jacob

Mikhaïl Ahooja / Arnaud Jacob

Benoit Gouin / Jules Samson

Éric Bruneau / Pascal Deraspe

Marc Messier / William Putnam

Lucie Laurier / Anouk

Liam Patenaude / Romain Jacob

Les Beaux Malaises


Market share : 45%

Average audience rating : 2 000 000 


20 Gémeaux Awards & 23 nominations (2014-17)

ADISQ Awards (2014-16)

ARTIS Awards (2015-16)

Olivier Awards – Best TV Comedy (2015-17)

1 Arts Award & 2 nominations (2014)

KARV Awards & 1 nomination (2014-15)

Séries Mania (France) – Official competition & Vitrine internationale (2014)

Banff World Media Festival – Best Francophone Series & 1 nomination (2015-16)

Nomination Cablefax Program Awards – Best Show or Series Comedy (2015)

Nomination C21 International Drama Awards – Best returning comedy drama series (2016)

French Canada’s answer to Seinfeld, Martin Matte’s television series is about, well… nothing – Rien du tout! Add a maid, a dentist, a doctor, a toaster salesman, a filthy rich star… and what have you got?? Off the wall, outlandish humor that takes the most tedious, mundane, everyday event and pushes it beyond the limit! It’s a series that walks that fine line between playful innocence… and a playful eagerness to challenge contemporary family and social taboos. Working off the momentum of his two wildly popular ninety- minute television specials – which garnered more than 50% market shares taped from 2 live shows that broke ticket sales records – Martin Matte is now parleying that same success into primetime sitcom gold!!



Original idea : Martin Matte

Writer : Martin Matte

Directors : Francis Leclerc, Ricardo Trogi & Nicolas Monette

Producer : Vincent Gagné

Executive producers : Francois Rozon and Martin Matte

Line producer : Isabelle Thiffault

Script editor : François Avard

Production companies : Encore Télévision & Matte TV

Broadcaster : TVA

Number of episodes : 33 x 30 minutes + 1 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1: Jan. – March 2014

Airing season 2: Jan. – March 2015

Airing season 3: Jan. – March 2016

Airing of The Finale: Jan. 2017



Martin Matte / Martin

Julie Le Breton / Julie Desjardins

Émilie Bierre / Florence

Charles William Ross / Léo

Patrice Robitaille / Patrick

Martin Perizzolo / Jean-François

Michèle Deslauriers / Monique

Catherine Proulx-Lemay / Véronique

Alexis Martin / psychologue

Pour Sarah


Market share : 37%

Average audience rating : 1 500 000


Banff World Media Festival – Best Francophone Serie (2016)

2 ARTIS Awards & 1 nomination (2016)

10 nominations Gémeaux Awards (2016)

Festival de la Fiction TV (France) – Coup de projecteur Québec (2016)

After drinking heavily at a party, 17-year-old Sarah and her childhood  friend Cedric, who was celebrating his 18th birthday, drive off in a sports car and end up in a horrifying accident. That night changes everything for the two critically injured teens and their parents. Beyond the physical consequences that leave Sarah severely disabled, the accident marks the start of a medical, legal and emotional battle that pits the two families—formerly close  friends—against each other. The terrible tragedy forces everyone involved, teens and parents alike, to draw on new reserves to survive and grow. But what really happened that fateful night?


Original idea : François Rozon

Writer : Michelle Allen

Director : Éric Tessier

Producers : François Rozon, Vincent Gagné, Michel D’Astous and Anne Boyer

Line producer : Jaime Alberto Tobon

Production manager : Marie-Claude Beaulieu

Content producer : Estelle Bouchard

Production companies : Encore Télévision & Duo productions

Broadcaster : TVA

Number of episodes : 10 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1: Sept. – Nov. 2015



Marianne Fortier / Sarah Vaillancourt

Félix-Antoine Duval / Cédric Dutil

Alyssa Labelle / Manu Talbot

Guillaume Gauthier / Gégé Simoneau

Sylvain Marcel / Luc Vaillancourt

Hélène Florent / Judith Laroche

Patrice Robitaille / Donald Dutil

Madeleine Péloquin / Sophie

Brigitte Lafleur / Annie Lançon

Bobby Beshro / Olivier

Romane Denis / Lola




12 nominations  Gémeaux Awards (2010-17)

Mirador is a major public relations firm, directing a small army of PR experts. The firm ensures that the only truth to ever surface is the one it has spun. Whatever situation their clients find themselves in –international scandal, murder, political hot water or fetish sex – Mirador will control the outcome for them.


Original idea : Daniel Thibault and Isabelle Allard

Writer : Jacques Savoie

Director: Louis Choquette

Producer : Josée Vallée

Executive producers : François Rozon, Vincent Gagné, Sophie Pellerin and Jocelyn Deschênes

Line producer : Sylvie Trudelle

Content producer : Estelle Bouchard

Production companies : Encore Télévision & Sphère Média Plus

Broadcaster : Série +

Number of episodes : 26 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1: Jan. – March 2010

Airing season 2: Sept. –  Nov. 2011

Airing season 3: August 2016



Patrick Labbé / Philippe Racine

David La Haye / Luc Racine

Gilles Renaud / Richard Racine

Nathalie Coupal / Michèle Barry

Catherine Trudeau / Chantal Boutin

Geneviève Rochette / Lydia Derecho

Normand Daneau / Daniel Malenfant

Steve Laplante / Alexandre Dalphond

Martin Matte – Eh La La..!


3 nominations Les Olivier (2018-19)

Comedy star Martin Matte serves up embarrassing personal stories, a solution for social media trolls and more in this unpredictable special. Available on Netflix around the world !

Alexandre Barrette-Imparfait


Alexandre Barrette has the endearing ability to laugh at himself and at his life’s imperfections. He is the sole writer of the comedy he performs, Imparfait—a show of a very personal nature, free of any self-censorship.

Despite being a recognized TV and radio host (Gémeaux Award 2015 for best host: Taxi Payant), the stage is where he loves to be. His solo show has won unanimous praise from Quebec critics, earning him the much-coveted Platinum Ticket Award (100,000 tickets sold), confirming his growing presence in the hearts of his fans.

Philippe Bond-Philippe Bond 2



1 nomination ADISQ—Comedy DVD of the year (2018)

Philippe Bond demonstrates the extent of his storytelling talent in Philippe Bond 2, by turning the trivia of daily life into outlandish tales, leaving his fans in hysterics.

In his second one-man show, the comedian who describes himself as a “teenager with credit…” openly discusses his “crisis of the 30s”, flouts his single status and lousy social life, and shamelessly jokes about his “firsts.”

With his extraordinary verve and exceptional self-deprecating humour, Philippe Bond is in his element on stage. He paints the portrait of a sprightly and well intentioned guy, who turns everything he touches into a mini calamity… like the time he showed up to a housewarming party with fireworks…

Korine Côté-Mon Show


In her first solo show, Korine Côté delivers a combination of intelligent, genuine, wry and self-deprecating comedy that resonates with audiences everywhere. Her career is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down. On stage, on TV, on the web—Korine is everywhere!

Irresistible, multi-faceted, bright and always funny, Korine has been touted as “Best new comedian of 2015” for MON SHOW by the Huffington Post.

Valérie Blais-Premier one-woman show



Nomination: ADISQ—Comedy DVD of the year (2018)

This is a first comedy show for comedian Valérie Blais who left audiences in stitches in the TV series, Tout sur moi.

At 46, she jumped into the ring with no filter whatsoever and the ability to get big laughs at her own expense. Since emerging on the comedy scene, she has been called a “veritable breath of fresh air,” winning audiences over with her intelligent humour, bold material and liberating outspokenness. The best remedy for our collective cynicism!

Fabien Cloutier-Scotstown&Cranbourne


Raw and provocative, Scotstown by writer/actor Fabien Cloutier will take you on a wild ride through the twists and turns of Quebec’s colourful mythology. You’ll experience memorable drunken nights, have supernatural encounters and be introduced to some grim characters. This audacious tale where wit meets anger will leave no one indifferent.

Faced with an ever-changing world, a man aims to strive for stability, but nothing in “Chabot’s guy’s” life seems conventional. From the cake caramel at the Vachon plant that decides to oppose his fate, to the scatology festival in Saint-Magloire de Bellechasse, the road to happiness is rife with little betrayals and plenty of deviations.

Rêves D’Acteurs


Rêves d’acteurs gives our favourite actors and actresses the chance to live out their professional fantasies in a film trailer created specifically for them. From horror flicks to musicals, no genre is off limits! The series aired in 2013-2014 on ARTV.

Mario Jean-Moi Mario


Right from the start, Mario Jean has always had a special place in the hearts of Quebec audiences. With over 1,200 shows under his belt and close to one million spectators, Mario has become one of the province’s must-see comedians. His unique type of comedy focuses on topics that connect with people and unite them. He is uncomplicated, relevant and spontaneous—a well-rounded performer with an exceptionally lovable personality. This 2014 recording of his fifth one-man show, is not to be missed!

Mike Ward-Chien


Mike Ward is back with a third one-man show. Entitled CHIEN, this new show is 100% Mike Ward at his best and is entirely written and script-edited by the comedian himself. It’s all bark and maybe even some bite!

Adib Alkhalidey-Je t’aime



Olivier Awards & 3 Nominations (2012-13)

Winner of the Olivier for Best New Artist in 2013, Adib has been racking up appearances on shows such as Selon l’opinion comique, on MATV, Avec des guns, on Lib.tv, and Lunch de fou, on 96.9 CKOI Radio. He also has two Juste pour rire galas to his credit and an equal number of engagements at Quebec City’s, Grand Rire.

Comedian, writer and actor, Adib also took home the top prize at the Franco-Quebec comedy festival in Lourdes, France in 2012. In his very first one-man show, under the excellent direction of Martin Matte, Adib describes the world as he sees it will and becomes a fresh, new face on the Quebec comedy scene.




Numix Award— Best Original Interactive Production (2014)

Gémeaux Award— Best Interactive Series for Digital Media (2014)

The web series, Disparus, is the brainchild of comedic group, Les Chick’n Swell (Ghyslain Dufresne, Francis Cloutier and Daniel Grenier). Produced by actor/director Robin Aubert (member of the original Chick’n Swell formation), Disparus stars Alexis Martin, Luc Guérin and the group’s three comedians.

Built around an outrageous plot line, the web series propels the viewer into the very heart of a new type of investigation: from his or her own screen, the viewer commands the action and explores crime scenes to discover clues and make decisions that will influence the outcome of the story. Just like in a video game, the viewer works closely with the main character, Detective Toby Neault (Alexis Martin), of the “Sécurité du Québec,” in the investigation of the strange disappearance of the comedic trio.

Cast also includes: Luis Bertrand, Luc Senay, Mathilde Lavigne, Marie‐Ève Milot, Norman Helms and Denis Harvey.

Philippe Bond-Philippe Bond


Philippe Bond graduated from the École Nationale de l’humour in 2002 and debuted on the radio show, Les méchants du matins du monde, on Radio Énergie in Hull, where he caused quite a stir! When he was barely five years out of school he opened for Louis-José Houde’s, Suivre la parade show, introducing his comedy to a broad public across Quebec.

Since September 2010, he has sold 140,000 tickets for his first one-man show, which premiered at the Bell Centre on April 5, 2013 in front of more than 6000 fans! He has swept the public and the critics off their feet with brilliantly-told stories of his family and childhood, a seemingly inexhaustible source of uproariously funny situations!

His show aired on TVA in the Fall of 2012 with ratings reaching 630,000 viewers. The DVD of the show has already sold close to 13,000 copies and is still available.

Chick’N Swell & cie.


A full hour of sketches, clips, interviews and live musical and multimedia performances with Les Chick’n Swell and their special guests, featuring Rémy Girard, Pascale Picard, Sylvie Moreau, Vincent Vallières and many more.

Recognized for their imaginative, clever and absurd comedy that brings people together, Les Chick’n Swell & cie. presents the group’s trademark qualities: no disrespect, no hamming it up—just surprisingly tasteful and good-natured fun, with freshness and incredible creativity.

Shows aired December 1st and 8th, 2012 on Radio-Canada.

Martin Matte-Condamné à l’excellence



5 Olivier Awards & 2 Nominations (2008-11)

Quadruple Platinum Ticket Award, 1 award from ADISQ & 1 nomination (2009-12)

“Mere mortal, rejoice! A great miracle has occurred. You hold in your hands a sacred relic: my performance in its entirety, delivered to you. Do as 400,000 have done before you and behold sheer excellence.” – Martin Matte.

This collection includes Martin Matte’s show, Condamné à l’excellence, with over an hour of extras and a CD version of the show.

Claudine Mercier-Dans le champ



2 Nominations: Olivier Awards (2012-13)

Platinum Ticket Award & 1 Nomination: ADISQ, Comedy Show of the Year (2012)

“I’m always a little off track!” admits Claudine Mercier. Good for her, and good for us as well because people who follow the herd are not as funny or endearing!

Claudine opens up more than she ever has before, in this fresh, new creation combining comic characters, unflinching stand-up and incomparable vocal performances and impressions. Her pursuit of simple happiness leads to desperate attempts to escape her urban comforts for a life closer to nature. She discovers however, that nature does not welcome everyone back!

Mike Ward-Mike Ward S’expose



Olivier Award & 4 Nominations (2011-13)

Platinum Ticket Award & 2 Nominations: ADISQ (2012)

Having performed in Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, London, Toronto, Dublin and for Canadian troops in Afghanistan, Mike Ward toured his show, Mike Ward s’eXpose, across Quebec. Script-edited by François Avard, the show features Ward’s trademark style of comedy, best described as irreverent, audacious and brazen. Ward presents his unabashed—and over the top—yet pertinent views on poverty, racism, religion, sex, disabilities, war and other “entertaining” topics

Performed almost 200 times with over 135,000 tickets sold, Mike Ward s’eXpose, conquered Quebec audiences and was awarded an Olivier Award for Best Direction. It was the first comedy show in Quebec to be presented in over 15 cinemas, and the first in Quebec to be sold for download!

Footage was captured in December 2012 and was presented on TVA, attracting more than 365,000 viewers to their television screens. To date, more than 7,000 copies of the DVD have been sold!

Mario Jean-Gare au gros nounours!



4 Nominations: Olivier Awards (2010-11)

Lauded over 250 times by more than 150,000 spectators, the show, Gare au gros nounours has won critical acclaim!

Mario takes on some hard-hitting topics for his fourth solo show: praying, hypersexualisation, politics, the truth, adolescence, and of course, food, (among other things)… While it’s true that Mario Jean seems like a big softie, a real teddy bear, his claws are sharp and he never misses!

The last performance of Gare au gros nounours was recorded by the talented Alain Chicoine and his team. It premiered on Indigo Channel and was made available the next day on Videotron’s Illico on Demand. The show also aired on TVA in the Fall of 2012, with ratings of 800,000 viewers and a 25.8% market share. The DVD of the show has sold close to 10,000 copies and is still available on our website.

Martin Matte-Comment devenir Excellent



Olivier Awards (2005-08)

Follow Martin Matte for a year as he develops his brand new show. Become his confidant, his friend, watch him fool around, improvise and stress. Go through all of the stages of the show’s creation, from writing the material to breaking it in, all the way to the Montreal premiere. Fourteen steps oddly reminiscent of Christ’s Way of the Cross… In Comment devenir excellent, Martin Matte reveals the best-kept secrets of one of Quebec’s top comedians. It is often said that Martin Matte is handsome, slim, bold, smug and self-obsessed. It is also said that he has a wicked sense of humour and an acute business sense, but people everywhere will agree that he can be a pompous ass! As it turns out, this is THE SIMPLE TRUTH…

François Morency-Morency Live



Platinum Ticket Award: ADISQ (2008)

Nomination: Olivier Awards—Comedy DVD of the year (2009)

Claudine Mercier-Claudine Mercier 3



Olivier Awards (2003-04)

Double Platinum Ticket Award: ADISQ (2005)

In 2003, Claudine Mercier presents a third impressive show which has audiences laughing non-stop. Crazier than ever before, Claudine breaks into song, dance and into a stand-up routine that hits home every time.

Caméra Café



Nomination: Olivier Awards —Television Comedy (2012)

Nomination:  Gémeaux Award— Best Graphic Art (2012)

After a decade of coffee breaks, Caméra Café called it quits on March 20, 2012.

A total of 1000 sketches over 200 episodes aired on TVA between 2002 and 2012. Over those 10 years, an impressive number of actors came on the set of this popular show including Martin Matte, Pierre Brassard, Stéphane E. Roy, Antoine Bertrand, Martin Drainville, Claude Prégent, Mélanie Maynard, Chantal Lamarre, Stéphane Archambault, Catherine Florent, Jasmin Roy, Julie Ménard, Mahée Paiement, Louise Deslières, Daniel Brière, Bobby Beshro, André Sauvé, Laurent Paquin, Réal Béland, François Morency, Mario Bélanger, Catherine-Anne Toupin, Bianca Gervais and Marie Turgeon to name just a few.

Caméra Café is available on DVD (box set of seasons 1 to 5 and La crème de Caméra Café: highlights of seasons 5 to 9).

Mario Jean-Simplement Mario Jean



Olivier Awards (2004)

Double Platinum Ticket Award: ADISQ (2004)

Winner of three Olivier Awards in 2004, Mario Jean’s third show has become one of Quebec’s quintessential comedy experiences. In classic stand-up style, supported by a band of colourful characters, Mario proposes simple solutions to the ever-increasing complications of modern life. A show for those who want to slow down and live a simple life… with a laugh!

Gary Kurtz-Juste une illusion?



Triple Platinum Ticket Award: ADISQ

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    • François Rozon


      François Rozon served as Executive Vice-President at Groupe Juste pour Rire, where he managed all national and international activities. There, he made a lasting impression as a producer of comedy and theatre shows as well as an artist manager. He shaped the careers, thirty years ago, of those who would become the first generation of comedy royalty in Quebec: Michel Courtemanche, Daniel Lemire, Marc Dupré, Claudine Mercier, Mario Jean, Patrick Huard, Jean-Michel Anctil and Anthony Kavanagh, to name but a few. He established and structured a new artistic field (comedy), the commercial exploitation of which now surpasses all of the other artistic fields in Quebec.


      François Rozon is now a leader in the production, management and marketing of comedy. He is first and foremost a man of ideas and challenges. He leads a dynamic team of competent partners with whom he shares his passion.

    • Vincent Gagné


      Vincent Gagné holds a Bachelor of commerce from McGill University and a law degree from Laval University. He has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He worked at the Festival d’été de Québec, Domaine Forget in Charlevoix and at Price Waterhouse before embarking on an 11-year adventure with Cirque du Soleil.


      At Cirque du Soleil, he held the position of Administration Director, as well as Tour Manager for North America, before becoming Vice-President of Cirque du Soleil Images—the division responsible for all television content and audio recordings.


      He had the privilege of being awarded the Prime Time Emmy Award for his work as Executive Producer on the Cirque du Soleil television series, Sans Filet/Fire Within.


      Since joining Encore’s television division, he has produced numerous tv specials, as well as many successful comedy and drama series such as Mirador, Caméra café, Les beaux malaisesPour Sarah, Boomerang, Lâcher prise and Fugueuse. He also takes part in the development of new series.

    • Dominique Simard


      Dominique has strong management expertise in the arts and entertainment industry. Most notably, she has worked for journalist, Pierre Nadeau, and as General Manager at Groupe Juste pour Rire. She has also worked as an expert consultant for the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.


      Her professional background has given her a global vision of the industry and its inner workings, including financing, production, marketing, commercialization and distribution. Along with a solid reputation for her knowledge of industry practices and cultural management, Dominique is also known for her dynamism, work ethic, rigour and keen business sense.

    • Patrick Lowe


      After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and his law degree, author Patrick Lowe served five years as a Crown Prosecutor in Montreal and two years as a frontline legal aid lawyer. His taste for words and writing remained. After a year and a half of hard work at INIS, he received the Jutra bursary and wrote Rien à déclarer, a medium-length film aired on Télé-Québec. He landed his first writing gigs with the show Coroner (TQS) and then wrote comedy for the show Dominic et Martin (TQS). His focus then shifted to youth programming: Macaroni Tout Garni, Ramdam, Kaboum, Sam Chicotte, Les Argonautes (Télé-Québec), and Allô Pierre-L’Eau (Radio-Canada). He co-created and co-authored the series, Amélie et Compagnie (TFO). He also wrote for the two series, Watatatow and Providence (Radio-Canada). From 2008 to 2014, he wrote for Toute la vérité (TVA) and co-created the series, Mémoires vives (Radio-Canada). Lastly, he co-created and wrote, Prémonitions (Addiktv). Many of these productions have received awards and distinctions. He joined Encore in January 2017 and is embracing new challenges as Director of Development and Content Producer.


    The Encore Group


    ENCORE is a multi-award winning integrated entertainment group, one of the most prolific production companies in scripted series (comedy and drama), live comedy specials, live plays and artist management in French Canada.

    With nearly 400 hours produced over the last 18 years, ENCORE TÉLÉVISION has multiplied the production of award-winning TV series praised both on the local and global markets. Amongst ENCORE’s best-known series are Fugueuse (41% ms), Les beaux malaises (45% ms), Boomerang (34% ms), Pour Sarah (37% ms), Les pays d’en haut (37% ms), Lâcher prise (28% ms), Caméra Café (10 seasons, 30% ms), Mirador (25% ms) and over 30 live comedy specials.

    ENCORE INTERNATIONAL manages all exploitation rights to its titles and select factual series from third-party producers.

    ENCORE SPECTACLE is an industry leader in live show production; with over 3.5 million tickets and 500 000 DVDs sold so far, ENCORE has established several sales records and to this day, keeps on promoting the careers of the most sought after stand-up comedians and plays in recent years. Since 2015, the enterprise broadens its offers from plays adapted from great cinematographic successes.

    ENCORE, its artists, creative craftsmen and women, television series, live shows and theatrical plays have garnered more than 155 prestigious awards bestowed by the industry including 8 from international level.

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