Nomination Gémeaux Awards – Best original music (2017)

Since the Dark Ages of the stake, extraordinary beings have struggled to blend in, avoiding their powers to prevent detection..

Clara, her daughter, Lily, and granddaughter, Felicia, are forced to flee Montreal in fear, retreating to a small town in scenic Quebec, called Beltane.

Their return causes a stir. They slipped away quietly 13 years ago after mysterious events shocked the inhabitants. Now trying to escape violent revenge from Lily’s lover, they trigger mistrust from neighbors and the suspicion of a police investigator….but only matriarch, Clara can perceive their greatest threat: merciless persecution by a relentless stalker, out to kill them all.

This psychological thriller enthralls the viewer with the Jacob Family’s drama, of discovering and avoiding their gifts as they flee monumental danger.



Original idea : Patrick Lowe, Estelle Bouchard and Charles Olivier Michaud

Writer : Patrick Lowe

Director : Charles-Olivier Michaud

Executive producers : Francois Rozon and Vincent Gagné

Producer : Louis Bolduc

Content producer : Estelle Bouchard

Production manager : Isabelle Thiffault

Production company : Encore Télévision

Broadcaster : Addik TV & TVA

Number of episodes : 10 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1 : August – Oct. 2016



Pascale Bussières / Clara Jacob

Sophie Desmarais / Liliane Jacob

Jade Charbonneau / Félicia Jacob

Mikhaïl Ahooja / Arnaud Jacob

Benoit Gouin / Jules Samson

Éric Bruneau / Pascal Deraspe

Marc Messier / William Putnam

Lucie Laurier / Anouk

Liam Patenaude / Romain Jacob