2 Gémeaux Awards (2019) & 4 nominations (2019)

1 nominations ADISQ-Series of the year/comedy (2019)

1 nomination Canadian Cinema Editors Award – Best Editing in TV Comedy

1 nomination Zapettes d’or (2019)

Welcome to the tragically hilarious world of Leo, an eternal teenager who is about to take the meaning of midlife crisis to a whole new level as he sets out on a mission to grow up and get a life!

Filled with twists and turns, entertaining characters, lots of laughs and plenty of life lessons along the way, this offbeat, hilarious and heartwarming series shows that sometimes it takes a midlife crisis to make you realize what life’s all about!



Original idea : Fabien Cloutier

Writers : Fabien Cloutier, Claude Lalonde, Steve Laplante, Erika Soucy

Director : Jean François Chagnon

Producers : François Rozon,  Vincent Gagné, Patrick Lowe and Jaime Alberto Tobon

Production manager : Isabelle Thiffault

Production company : Encore Télévision Inc.

Broadcaster : Club Illico / TVA

Number of episodes : 23 x 30 minutes

Release date : November 15th  2018

2nd season release date : November 28th 2019



Fabien Cloutier / Léo

Marie Laurence Moreau / Cindy

Steve Laplante / Chabot

Julien Poulin / Yvon

Anne Dorval / Jessica

Marc Labrèche / Couture

Mario Jean / Landry