Lâcher prise

Market share : 28%

Average audience rating : 960 000


13 Gémeaux Awards & 17 nominations (2017-19)

1 Olivier Award and 2 nominations (2017-19)

2 ARTIS Awards & 2 nomination (2017-19)

Rockie (Banff World Media Festival) – Best Comedy Series: Non-English Language & 1 Nomination – Best Comedy Series : Foreign Language (2017-18)

2 nominations Festival de la télévision de Monte Carlo – Best actress:comedy (S.Cadieux) & Best comedy (2018)

2 nominations ADISQ-Series of the year/comedy (2018-19)

Nomination Festival international de programmes audiovisuels (France) – « Série » in the official competition (2017)

Séries Mania (Melbourne) – Official selection (2017)

Séries Mania (France) – Official selection (2017)

Burnout was not part of the plan.

Disciplined, organized, professionally accomplished, freshly divorced and mother to a little boy she adores, Valerie Danault had only one true master: her schedule. And she was fine with that. Until the morning Valerie found lice in her son’s hair.

This small setback set off a chain reaction that escalated to a dramatic police incident and Valerie was arrested. By the time she finally got to work, she had missed an important meeting, her boss was fit to be tied and she was fired. That’s when all hell broke loose. With no job, no money and no friends, Valerie is forced to look life squarely in the eye and make some major changes. And if that wasn’t hard enough, she has to do it all with her mother, Madeleine, breathing down her neck.

It is easy to say “where there’s a will there’s a way” until you face a challenge so impossible that having the will to change just isn’t enough.  Welcome to professional burnout.


Original idea : Isabelle Langlois

Writer : Isabelle Langlois

Directors : Stéphane Lapointe, Sébastien Gagné

Producers : François Rozon and Vincent Gagné

Line producer : Jean-Yves Dolbec

Script editor: Emanuelle Beaugrand Champagne

Production company : Encore télévision

Broadcaster : Radio-Canada

Number of episodes : 39 x 30 minutes

Airing season 1 : Jan. – March 2017

Airing season 2 : Jan. – April 2018

Airing season 3 : Jan. – April 2019



Sophie Cadieux / Valérie Danault

Sylvie Léonard / Madeleine Legault

Simon Lacroix / Éric Samson

Éric Paulhus / Kevin Bergeron

Antoine Archambault / Thomas

Jean-MoÏse Martin / Simon

Christine Beaulieu / Josiane