Numix Award— Best Original Interactive Production (2014)

Gémeaux Award— Best Interactive Series for Digital Media (2014)

The web series, Disparus, is the brainchild of comedic group, Les Chick’n Swell (Ghyslain Dufresne, Francis Cloutier and Daniel Grenier). Produced by actor/director Robin Aubert (member of the original Chick’n Swell formation), Disparus stars Alexis Martin, Luc Guérin and the group’s three comedians.

Built around an outrageous plot line, the web series propels the viewer into the very heart of a new type of investigation: from his or her own screen, the viewer commands the action and explores crime scenes to discover clues and make decisions that will influence the outcome of the story. Just like in a video game, the viewer works closely with the main character, Detective Toby Neault (Alexis Martin), of the “Sécurité du Québec,” in the investigation of the strange disappearance of the comedic trio.

Cast also includes: Luis Bertrand, Luc Senay, Mathilde Lavigne, Marie‐Ève Milot, Norman Helms and Denis Harvey.