Mike Ward-Mike Ward S’expose


Olivier Award & 4 Nominations (2011-13)

Platinum Ticket Award & 2 Nominations: ADISQ (2012)

Having performed in Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, London, Toronto, Dublin and for Canadian troops in Afghanistan, Mike Ward toured his show, Mike Ward s’eXpose, across Quebec. Script-edited by François Avard, the show features Ward’s trademark style of comedy, best described as irreverent, audacious and brazen. Ward presents his unabashed—and over the top—yet pertinent views on poverty, racism, religion, sex, disabilities, war and other “entertaining” topics

Performed almost 200 times with over 135,000 tickets sold, Mike Ward s’eXpose, conquered Quebec audiences and was awarded an Olivier Award for Best Direction. It was the first comedy show in Quebec to be presented in over 15 cinemas, and the first in Quebec to be sold for download!

Footage was captured in December 2012 and was presented on TVA, attracting more than 365,000 viewers to their television screens. To date, more than 7,000 copies of the DVD have been sold!