Les Pays d’en Haut

Market share : 34%

Average audience rating : 1 272 600


11 Gémeaux Awards & 34 nominations (2016-19)

2 ARTIS Awards and 9 nominations (2017-19)

Nomination Prix Numix – Entertainment and Medias (Web section) (2017)

Les pays d’en haut is the untold story of the Quebec Laurentians (Canada). Prepare for a gripping, hyper-realistic drama of the struggles of a hopeful people, as they cultivate the wild land they must colonize. The heart-wrenching love-triangle between innocent, strong Donalda, her beloved, Alexis, Ste-Adèle’s village hero, and greedy Séraphin, the mayor’s usurary son, show the resilience of the brave against a backdrop of scheming politics. The earthy priest, Curé Labelle, keeps moral order and inspires hope for the poor. He has big plans for a national railroad, to develop the North, bring back the youth draining to the U.S. for work, and political aspirations to link together the French colonies as a stronghold against English Canada.


Original idea : Claude-Henri Grignon

Writer : Gilles Desjardins

Directors : Sylvain Archambault, Yan Lanouette Turgeon

Producers : François Rozon and Sophie Deschênes

Production manager : Diane Arcand

Production companies : Encore Télévision & Les productions Sovimage

Broadcaster: Radio-Canada

Number of episodes : 40 x 60 minutes

Airing season 1: Jan. – March 2016

Airing season 2: Jan. – March 2017

Airing season 3: Jan. – March 2018

Airing season 4: Jan. – March 2019



Vincent Leclerc / Séraphin

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse / Donalda

Maxime Le Flaguais / Alexis

Alexis Lefebvre / Dr. Jérome Marignon

Antoine Bertrand / Curé Labelle

Julien Poulin / Père Laloge

Julie Le Breton / Délima

André Kasper / Siffleux

Anne-Élisabeth Bossé / Caroline

Michel Charrette / Ovide Ruisselet

Paul Doucet / Arthur Buies

Roger Léger / Dr. Cyprien

Claude Despins / Jos Malterre

Mario Jean / Pit Caribou