Congratulations to the artists from our series that are being nominated at the Gala Artis 2020!

Woman Personality of the Year: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse
Man Personality of the Year: Michel Charette, Gildor Roy and Claude Legault

Lead Actress / Seasonal drama series: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (Les pays d’en haut) & Ludivine Reding (Fugueuse)
Lead Actor / Seasonal drama series: Michel Charette (Les pays d’en haut)
Lead Actress / Comedies: Anne Dorval (Léo) & Catherine-Anne Toupin (Boomerang)
Lead Actor / Comedies: Antoine Bertrand (Boomerang), Fabien Cloutier (Léo), Marc Labrèche (Léo) & Gildor Roy (Lâcher prise)
Congratulations to all! 👏